GAFIS Symposium

Graduate Association of French and Italian Students




We are delighted to welcome Dr. Robert T. Tally Jr., from the English department of Texas State University. His keynote speech will be held on Friday and entitled: "Swerves, Tropes, Peripeties: Toward a Theory of the Turning Point". 

Dr. Robert T. Tally Jr. is an associate professor of English at Texas State University. He is the author of six books: Fredric Jameson: The Project of Dialectical Criticism (2014); Poe and the Subversion of American Literature: Satire, Fantasy, Critique (2014); Spatiality (The New Critical Idiom) (2013); Utopia in the Age of Globalization: Space, Representation, and the World System (2013); Kurt Vonnegut and the American Novel: A Postmodern Iconography (2011); and Melville, Mapping and Globalization: Literary Cartography in the American Baroque (2009). The translator of Bertrand Westphal’s Geocriticism, Tally is also the editor of six collections of essays: Geocritical Explorations: Space, Place, and Mapping in Literary and Cultural Studies (2011); Kurt Vonnegut: Critical Insights (2012); Literary Cartographies: Spatiality, Representation, and Narrative (2014); The Geocritical Legacies of Edward W. Said: Spatiality, Critical Humanism, and Comparative Literature (2015); Ecocriticism and Geocriticism: Overlapping Territories in Environmental and Spatial Literary Studies (co-edited with Christine M. Battista, 2016), and The Routledge Handbook of Literature and Space (2017). In addition, Tally serves as the general editor of the Palgrave Macmillan book series Geocriticism and Spatial Literary Studies.