GAFIS Symposium

Graduate Association of French and Italian Students



A.    Space & Identity: 

-       Giordana Poggiolo-Kaftan,Marquette UniversityEmigrants’ Rite of Passage and ‘Hyphened-Identity’” 

-       Sophia Kidd,Sichuan UniversityTurning Point in China’s Aesthetic of Empire: Spatial Production in Eastern Jin Guo Pu’s River  Fu 

-       Rommel Jimenez, University of Wisconsin-MadisonAndronica’s Prophecy: An Ariostean Celebration of Exploration and Inquiry at the Turn of the Sixteenth Century 


B.    A Turning Point in Life: 

-       Jarmila Sawicka, University of Wisconsin-Madison“The Love I Found on Green Dolphin Street: Jazz as Instigator in Christian Gailly’s  Un Soir au club 

-       Anthony Radoiu, University of Wisconsin-Madison“Confinement, liberty, and growing old: tracing the nuances of Charles d’Orléans’s poetry 

-       Katherine Blackman, University of Wisconsin-MadisonFrom Shame and Innocence to Transparent Struggle: ‘Révolution subite in Rousseau’s  La Nouvelle Héloïse 


C.    Women, Sexuality, & Identity: 

-       Corie Marshall, University of Wisconsin-Madison“‘Il peso delle parole’: Historical Uncertainty and Defiance of the Patriarchal Storyteller in Anna Banti’s Artemisia 

-       Barclay Spriggs,Louisiana State UniversityThe Boiling Point: From Silence to Violence in Ananda Devi’s  Eve de ses décombres  and Fabienne Kanor’s D’eaux douces 

-       Hilary Emerson, University of Wisconsin-MadisonMurder by Brooch: A Social and Sexual Crossroads for the Woman Outlaw 


D.   Education Under the Influence: 

-       Sarah Gamalinda, University of Wisconsin-MadisonThe Confounding Psychological Game of Virtue and Love in  La Princesse de Clèves 

-       Kimmy Rooney, University of Wisconsin-MadisonSuspended between two cultures of learning: the alienating effects of discordant pedagogies in  L’Enfant noir 

-       Charles Kilian, University of Wisconsin-MadisonComme vos leçons m’enflamment: Libertine Education in  Thérèse  Philosophe  and  La  Philosophie dans le Boudoir 


E.    Propaganda, Production & Technology:

-    Jeffrey Thomas, University of Wisconsin-Madison: “The Impacts of Geological Insularity on Literary Production”

-    Alice Main, University of Wisconsin-Madison: “Jacobins in Hell: A Case Study in Thermidorian Propaganda”

-    Nicole Fadellin, University of Wisconsin-Madison: “Towards a Caribbean Afrofuturism: The Role of technology in Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson”


F.    Man v.s. Nature: 

-       Abou-Bakar Mamah,University of Minnesota: 14 Kilometers: cross or die ; A Hopeless Marathon across the Strait of Gibraltar through Laila Lalami’s book Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits 

-       Nathan Germain, University of Wisconsin-Madison: Par-delà nature et culture:The Anthropocene in the 19th century 

-       Logan Smith,Miami University: Evolving Perspectives of Environmental Justice in Film: a Comparative Analysis of  The Grey  and  The Mountain