GAFIS Symposium

Graduate Association of French and Italian Students




Friday, April 6th at Union South

4:00-4:30pm — Registration

4:30-5:30pm — Keynote Address, Dr. Naminata Diabate, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature at Cornell University: "The Skin of Blackness and the Cinema of Nakedness "

5:30-6:30pm — Welcome Reception, sponsored by the French House at UW-Madison


Saturday, April 7th at Union South 

8:00-8:30am — Registration & Breakfast 

8:30-8:45am — Opening remarks, Dr. Jelena Todorović, Associate Professor of Italian at UW-Madison 

9:00-10:15am — Panel A, "Skin's Sociability," Moderator: Maggie Hughes

Giorgio Losi || Intersectionality under the skin
Troy Williams || Good Kids, Bad City:  The Examination of Crime Resistance in Low Income, High Crime, Communities of Color
Katie Terry || When You Can’t Love the Skin You’re In: Shame in Claire de Duras’s Ourika

10:30-11:45am — Concurrent Panels 

Panel B, "Environmental Skins," Moderator: Charles Kilian 

Thom Murphy || The Ontological Organ: Skin and the Primacy of Touch in Early Modern France
Nathan Germain || Life Beneath the Tree Bark: Dynamic Representation of Fontainebleau Forest in Théodore Rousseau and Gustave Flaubert 
Giordano Mazza || Environment and religion in Alice Rohrwacher’s cinema
Panel C, "Reclaiming Skin(s)," Moderator: Rommel Jimenez 
Irene Hatzopolous || Shedding “Skin” and Reclaiming Identity in Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Teorema
Danielle Nelson || Just a dime-store romance in a city made to the size of love: measuring spatio-temporal distance in Hiroshima mon amour
Corie Marshall || Alfieri and the Body as “scudo”

12:00-1:00pm — Lunch break, hosted by GAFIS 

1:15-2:30pm — Concurrent Panels 

Panel D, "The Skins of Apprehension," Moderator: Katie Terry

Lauren De Camilla || Queering the Final Girl in New Italian Horror Cinema
Debora Bellinzani || Towards the familiar: Reversing Freud’s “uncanny” in four short ghost stories by Capuana
Charles Kilian || Mannequin Factory: The Uncanniness of Living Dolls in Visual Culture

Panel E, "Making and Breaking Barriers," Moderator: Irene Hatzopoulos 

Anthony Radoiu || The Stones They Inhabit: Prison Cell Surroundings as a New Corporeality from the Middle Ages to the 19th century
Rommel Jimenez || Skin of the State: Paris’ Walls in Orlando Furioso
Aniello Di Iorio || Unveiling the Hidden Skin: Dante’s Visualization of the Prideful through the Allegorical Representation in the Illuminated Manuscript MS. Holkham 48

2:45-4:00pm — Panel F, "Costuming and Body Adornment," Moderator: Nathan Germain 

Hilary Emerson || Painted Faces and Creative Costume in La lotta non è finita
Alice Main || Merveilleuses et Muscadins: Clothing as Anti-Terror Critique in the Thermidorian Reaction
Rachel Hart || Cross-dressing and perception of gender in the works of Herodotus and Ctesias 

4:15-5:30pm — Roundtable, Moderator: Hilary Emerson 

Professor Naminata Diabate || Cornell University
Professor Vlad Dima || University of Wisconsin-Madison
Professor Nevine El Nossery || University of Wisconsin-Madison